1.21 Gigawatt Sunset

1.21 Gigawatt Sunset
1.21 Gigawatt Sunset

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt: Orange

The temperature and humidity was perfect. Rarely do I ever use the word perfect to describe anything, but this was one of those rare occasions. The coolness of the air combined with just the right amount of moisture absent could have sent me into R.E.M sleep instantly had I laid down. While sleep does not work this way, at that moment it felt like it very well could have.

A dream like shine from the thinnest layer of dew in the early mornings is how the air felt during this perfect moment while it ever so lightly drizzled, flakes of water dancing it’s way to the ground.

The Oregon air was fresh with the smell of nature going about it’s day. It was overcast, but not the usual patchy overcast where you can make some clouds out of others with the darkness and the light. No this was very different.

Everything was still. The calmest I’ve ever felt in my life due to the state of the world at that very moment. It was afternoon and the sun was approaching its setting point. Even with the thunder rolling above with life on Earth resonating with it’s bass, it never broke the calmness. Nothing could damage the calm.

The sky took a yellow shade within seconds. The thunder began rolling just a little more. The world was sepia as if we were suddenly a different planet with a different atmosphere and a different sun. Scene out of a movie, still perfectly still.

The sepia world didn’t last long. The sky burst orange. The most beautiful shade of orange I had ever seen. What made this moment memorable was the fact that the entire sky from horizon to horizon, was a single shade of orange. There was the most minimal of brightness towards the sun and the most minimal of dullness towards Mt Hood near where the sun would rise. This was unique because normally the brightness and dullness would cause a distinct shading pattern to appear.

For just this once, that wasn’t the case at all. The thunder became louder and more frequent. It began to ever so lightly shower. Some would have still called it a drizzle but the rain was dropping to the ground, not freeforming its way through the air.

I was in awe. Like a character in a movie wondering if just at that moment a being from the sky would speak, I had my head stretched back looking straight up.

The first blue streak was the sharpest blue bolt I had ever seen contrasted against the sky fire behind it. Have you ever noticed how nature rarely makes mistakes with its colour schemes? None of what I saw that afternoon, didn’t not belong there. Nature was in a battle with itself. A battle akin to what might take place between mind and heart when an artist brings a master piece to life.

Nature had created a masterpiece in the sky and I along with many others had the fortune of witnessing it.

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