Project 364-2018: D49

Blossom Regardless - Photo by CMDR Shane
Blossom Regardless - Photo by CMDR Shane

I found this to be awesome. It shows the resilience of life.

Where there truly is life, there is hope.

When I saw this at first, I didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t know if it would tell a good story, because I was looking at the scene with a technical viewpoint. If my subject is the flower, then the rusted metal and the dead flower on the top left will detract from it.

However when I looked at this scene from a storyteller viewpoint, everything changed. The scene was cut perfectly in half. One side lush green, another side rusted dying metal. One dead flower that gave up, and one beautifully alive flower that will fulfil its life.

The important message I found in this scene, was to allow ourselves to blossom as beautifully as we can in our own ways, regardless of the environment around us. If we allow the environment to control us, then we submit. If we do whatever it is we must do and shine through, then we maintain control of the only thing we are allowed to control, our own lives.

Live the way you want, and the way you should, with the fearlessness of zero consequence.

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