Project 365-2018: D10

Bear Grylls - Photo by CMDR Shane
Bear Grylls - Photo by CMDR Shane

I was given this on New Years day 2016 by a good friend of mine. It was probably a gift I’ve gotten from a friend that actually surprised me. Everyone loves getting gifts. Some make you get über excited and others aren’t as exciting but you are still very much happy to receive it.

This was different. Many of my friends know about my knife collection. But receiving this was beyond any expectation I had at all. Not that I had an expectation of a gift, but you know you’re more then likely going to get something you and that friend have spoken about previously.

But this? Came out of nowhere. I could not link this gift to anything we had spoken about. No single moment in my life between this friend and I leapt to the front of my mind about this particular knife and or my admiration for Bear Grylls. We’ve spoken plenty about knives before. He is a fellow collector as well. And many could say that was the potential link between this gift and a moment from before. Except the topic of weapons, especially bladed weapons were a normal part of our conversations back then. We were always on our game consoles in the evenings talking about these kind of things. It was normal and nothing out of the ordinary.

When he handed it to me almost as nonchalantly as possible I was speechless for a good 5 seconds. And for those of you who know me well, that is nearly impossible to do.

Pay attention to the people in your life and the things they enjoy. It isn’t that hard and those little details give away everything for a potential gift that gives the best reactions.

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