Project 365-2018: D11

Crystallised Leaves - Photo by CMDR Shane
Crystallised Leaves - Photo by CMDR Shane

I ran out of time today and couldn’t explore to take a shot of something meaningful, so I opted to shoot something that was out of the ordinary. I came across this plant where the leaves feel almost furry to the touch, but visually it could also look like the leaves were crystallised somehow.

The migration is going well. There is just a lot to do. I actually ended up spending more then I thought I would to make it happen as I found a decent theme to go along with what I had planned for this blog. The tedious part is now beginning which is sorting out all the posts on properly due to all those directs I’m going to have in the future with the different URLs. Keep in mind that uses the date in their URLs. I’ll be switching to “category/postname” as my URLs. This means I have to have the site sorted perfectly for my new structure because I won’t be able to change it around in the future.

This means going through every single post to ensure I have categories and tags just as I want them. Then the main important begins and I purchase the redirect upgrade in to push over to my new blog location, without breaking any links from my daily-posts submissions or otherwise.

I hope to have that done by tonight after work and get everything switched over by morning.

Until tomorrow.


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