Project 365-2018: D12

Deck View - Photo by CMDR Shane
Deck View - Photo by CMDR Shane

Due to the troubles I ended up facing with my blog migration and the lack of time because, I took this shot quite quickly and in a rush. I decided to keep it because it shows which kind of imagery I really need to improve with taking.

Landscapes have always escaped me when shooting because of the haze factor I cannot seem to get rid of. The image always ends up quite foggy and I believe this to be a setting for how much light I allow plus how I’m choosing to edit the image in Lightroom.

This image was supposed to go out at 8PM but I didn’t have a chance to finish the edit and upload for scheduling, again due to the troubles I have been facing with my migration. There will be a more dedicated post on that, but for now, I’ve managed to get it moving along again.

The migration is finished, but the blog itself still has quite a bit of work to go. Doesn’t mean I can’t still post and continue writing.

Keep and eye out for changes!


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