Project 365-2018: D13

Plant Life Neural Network - Photo by CMDR Shane
Plant Life Neural Network - Photo by CMDR Shane

Plant life to me is a neural network. They communicate, sometimes protect each other, grow and they can learn. And they resemble our neural pathways so much.

Plant life like the one I’ve captured in this shot is the inverse version of our brains. Our brains hold grey and white matter in which the neurons form branches of links. In plant life, they form actual branches as they grow out. They position themselves in the perfect way to get the most amount of sun light they possibly can.

Also in this shot was me shooting at an extremely high ISO. 6400 I believe. I started doing some research into shooting at a high ISO and still being able to get crisp shots without so much noise based on shutter speed and light angles. I’m liking how this turned out but at the same time the scene is clustered and busy. I’m glad that way my point in this particular image in order to talk about neural networks. But that is all I can use this image for.

Pun obviously intended but I’m beginning to branch out into more things to shoot that I previously wouldn’t have thought about. I guess I had to get to a point where I didn’t want to feel too repetitive so I had to begin to find new ways and subjects to capture.

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