Project 365-2018: D14

Green On Fire - Photo by CMDR Shane
Green On Fire - Photo by CMDR Shane

I’ve been seeing this image everywhere. It is trending immensely. And for good reason. This image has amazing geometric shapes, deep colours and for the more matured plants, a refined red edge. This in turn resembles something beginning to glow through high heat.

The colour combinations are amazing. You can have it nice and bright without editing, or you can go nuts with colour changes. I wanted to make it my own, so I made it nice and dark with a furious glow about it.

In terms of learning for photography and editing in Lightroom/Photoshop, I’m getting better at understanding the RGB channels and how to use the curve tool properly. This image you’re seeing isn’t the final edit. I ended up playing around a bit more and decided that I could make it better. I accidentally got an effect that I ended up loving.

The curves tool is very powerful and I encourage all Lightroom and Photoshop users to get extremely familiar with it and begin using it as much as humanly possible. The atmosphere and mood you can give to a scene to compliment the composition would be very difficult to do otherwise using other tools. I don’t doubt it would be technically possible but it would end up taking more time.

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