Project 365-2018: D15

Cut Down Grow Around - Photo by CMDR Shane
Cut Down Grow Around - Photo by CMDR Shane

This image is the perfect resemblance of how we all should strive to be in life. When there is anything that is willing to, or does cut us down, we should just grow around. There is nothing else to it. Pain after a small amount of time is a choice. You either learn to get passed it, or give into fear and stay exactly where you are while time moves forward.

Isn’t it amazing how nature contains all the lessons that are necessary for us all to grow? Nature is already perfect. Nature already has learnt the lesson of how to be, from billions of years of existence. Bubbles when joined together form hexagonal shapes in order to create efficient use of space, hence bees use the same shape to utilise more space.

Anything has the potential to cut us down. From being late to something important, to something getting in your way purposefully. Adapt. And grow around.

Growing is the only way to continue moving.

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