Project 365-2018: D16

Harvard Classics - Photo by CMDR Shane
Harvard Classics - Photo by CMDR Shane

This is the oldest book I own. Volume 36 of the Harvard Classics containing pieces from Machiavelli, More and Luther. I got this book from a second hand seller who used to sell books in the main hub of my university. After asking her about Machiavelli’s “The Prince” she found this for me.

I learned of this book from the TV series Andromeda. They mentioned that the book talks about leadership. After some research I found the book to actually exist and so went looking for it.

I still have not read the book to this day. But I enjoyed having such an old piece of print copy in my collection. And since I’ve begun moving to digital, I’ll be sure that someone who truly appreciates this book will be the once to receive it.

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