Project 365-2018: D17

Tools We Use - Photo by CMDR Shane
Tools We Use - Photo by CMDR Shane

I ran out of time on the 17th. But somehow didn’t break my streak of taking a single shot per day. I’m uploading 2 days later of course, but the shot was taken on the day. I had to find something quick, as I only had 15 minutes left before midnight.

I managed to think for a small moment and realised a thought that fit: “What are the tools we use to ensure that we don’t run out of time?” This in turn spawned other thoughts as you can’t always prepare 100%. So what happens when you run out of time and what tools do you use to get back on track or the task you’re working on completed?

The tool of choice comes from a selection of many. Being prepared. Being willing to adapt. Time management. Task lists. Prioritisation. There are an endless supply of tools for this. And yet I had only 15 minutes to find and take this.

Where did time go?

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