Project 365-2018: D18

Reflections and Colours - Photo by CMDR Shane
Reflections and Colours - Photo by CMDR Shane

How often do we stop to reflect? Is it a thought that digs deep? Perhaps something passing? Something fleeting? Do we act on anything we could possibly learn during this moment of reflection? Or do we just allow the thought to conclude and continue about our day as if it might as well have never happened?

If the emotions felt during the reflection had could draw colours, what would they display? Would it be bright and vivid? Or would it be dull and momentary?

I stopped in reflection of the idea of reflection when I took this shot. What caught me was the fact that even though my target were the water droplets, the colours seemed more interesting. The bright green and orange lighting up the darker side.

I began to wonder how often we stop to think about something specific and let our minds wander just a little to see if there was anything else to be noticed. Intentional wandering is hard to manage as it is easy to loose yourself.

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