Project 365-2018: D20

Mint Flower - Photo by CMDR Shane
Mint Flower - Photo by CMDR Shane

I seem to be developing a thing for getting up close and personal and letting the details do the talking. Letting the crisp edges of the subject do the story telling. Allowing the colours and bokeh of the background set the emotion.

The more I shoot, the more I’m sure that most of my photography will end up being shots like this. I would love to do landscape photography more but I require 1: to travel a bit more and get around to different landscapes to shoot and 2: figure out what kind of a story I want to tell with landscapes.

However in the mean time I’m learning more about lighting for portrait shots and I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind for what I want to begin trying. This will again take me back to getting up close and personal for the details. I’m looking at some DIY projects involving some white light LED strips. It will be for creating my own fill, accent and main lighting. This also will turn into a DIY project for the ring lighting as well. Ya know, for those dramatic but nicely light up and detailed portraits.

All projects above will naturally be shot with the 50MM prime but I would like to give the 18-55MM a shot as well and perhaps use the latter for some black and white portraits as well. The 18MM would definitely involve me getting much much closer and that alone should be interesting.

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