Project 365-2018: D23

Never Going Out - Photo by CMDR Shane
Never Going Out - Photo by CMDR Shane

Not all things learnt from daily photography is good. I learnt this the hard way. Just before this shot I had come to understand that my right eye was going bad. I only came to know this when I couldn’t get the lens to focus properly. There was no focus point where the portion of the image through the viewfinder was clear. It was as if the lens was broken and couldn’t focus properly.

Then came the brilliant idea to use my left eye instead of my dominant right. Crystal clear. Shit. It’s not that bad. I mean I can still read tiny writing. I can still sharpen most objects with my vision when I focus on something. But there is just this portion using my dominant eye that I can no longer focus properly unless I concentrate and even then it is hazy as hell. I can’t tell if it is due to eye strain or just age catching up to me finally. This does not change the fact that I can still shoot.

Image of the day is of something I bought for myself for a special occasion that just never came. It is a nice three-piece to add to any shirt provided the colours match along. But this thing has never seen a proper evening. It won’t be going out for a long while. I have too much work to do.

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