Project 365-2018: D24

NZ Fern - Photo by CMDR Shane
NZ Fern - Photo by CMDR Shane

As much as I keep thinking that I am running out of things to shoot around my home, I keep coming up with new things. The world has so many objects in it. With that, so many perspectives. I think this is one of the key things that allows photography to continue being a thing that can never die. No one has seen everything. No one has seen something from every angle.

I live in New Zealand. It never occurred to me to take an up close shot of ferns like this. It seems to be a popular kind of shot to take. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and the contrast is pretty perfect. Just the right amount of detail up front. But just enough colour in the background to keep it interesting but maintain it as a background.

If you are keen to use this image as a background or wallpaper or any other kind of use, it is available for a free download on Unsplash. If you have an account there, please don’t forget to give the image a like! Ya know, if you like it.

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