Project 365-2018: D26

Life By The Thorns - Photo by CMDR Shane
Life By The Thorns - Photo by CMDR Shane

This scared the shit out of me. So I shot it. There are just way too many teeth in this thing. It reminds me of something out of Men in Black that needed to become explody at any given moment.

It took me quite some time to get this shot right. I focused most on composition then anything in this photo. Because the plant itself wasn’t exactly completely full all the way around, I had to get just close enough that all portion of the screen would be taken up with the image, without there being a hole in it.

Having said that, I cannot wait until I’m able to upgrade to a Full Frame DSLR and get a macro lens for it. If you haven’t already noticed I kind of dig the close up shots. Having a macro lens would just kick that into overdrive for me.

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