Project 365-2018: D27

Downpour of Beauty - Photo by CMDR Shane
Downpour of Beauty - Photo by CMDR Shane

It has been a hot and muggy summer. So when the rain came, it was more then welcomed. However it didn’t last long. The sun came right back out to evaporate more moisture into the air where it will hover until we all die as there was zero wind to carry it all away.

One good thing did come out of this. This shot of water droplets on a leaf. I’ve always loved the shine of water droplets on things. And I got to try something new in Lightroom this time. Something I didn’t have the chance to do before, because I was too much of a little bitch.

I managed to use the graduated filters and adjustment brushes to darken up the sides of the image to give it a more dramatic look and feel. I’ve never done this before as I could never get the colours and brightness right. I’ve been scouring youtube for tutorials on how to do this properly. One of the things I’ve learned so far is that adjustments must be done in tiny small portions as you move along. Large adjustments in one go will almost always ruin the image.

Slow and steady wins the results of your imagination.

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