Project 365-2018: D28

First Lens - Photo by CMDR Shane
First Lens - Photo by CMDR Shane

This is the first lens kit I ever purchased. The camera which is the same I’m working with now, is the Nikon D3200 which I purchased nearly 5 years ago. And only towards the end of 2017 did I decide to want to get into photography full time.

I’ve had this itch for a very long time but after growing up in such a way to believe that all this fun creative risky stuff was meant for everyone else, it took me a while to get out of that state of mind. To understand that I can make this work too. That I’m no different to those passionate people out there. I never realised that passion is what I was missing due to not knowing what passion was exactly. Once I understood what drove others, I realised I’ve had that passion all along.

Wrap your mind around that one.

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