Project 365-2018: D30

The Key For Procrastination - Photo by CMDR Shane
The Key For Procrastination - Photo by CMDR Shane

This is what happens when you let things get last minute. You begin to run out of ideas. Before you know it you are frantically searching through the internet looking for ideas to shoot.

Before long my mind started to wander as it does, and I began to think of ways to beat procrastination and or last minute type deals and how to beat them. I figured out that my need for procrastination in this case was due to not knowing what to shoot as it was night time and many of the options I’d normally have during the day was gone.

I asked myself, “What is the key for procrastination?”. Then my gaze shifted and I see a lonesome key just chillin’ on my bookshelf. Suddenly the key is in my hand, my camera in the other and I’m looking at the preview of the shot I had just gotten done taking.

That is the image of the day. The literal key to my procrastination.

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