Project 365-2018: D32

Home Decor Cactus - Photo by CMDR Shane
Home Decor Cactus - Photo by CMDR Shane

What I love about this kind of photography is how simplistic, minimalistic and clean it is. White backgrounds combined with white objects and then a single colour of detail as the subject.

I’m loving this daily upload project. I’ve learned so much during my first month alone. There were some close calls in regards to breaking my streak and I’m sure it won’t be the last. One of the tools I’ve become extremely good at using (good as in during the one month I’ve used it most) is Adobe Lightroom.

I spend maybe an hour working in Lightroom and Photoshop to get the image just how I want to share it with the world and it turns out doing that for 31 days straight has allowed me to create so many of the things in my mind that I thought would only end up belonging to my imagination.

This is cliché as shit but doing the time and sticking through with it will end up being such a good thing for anything you pursue. You can go through my images and you can see the days where I obviously didn’t feel like shooting but wanted to write more. Or days when I had completely run out of time and did the best I could in the 10 minutes I had left to shoot.

Whatever the case may be, stick with it, and ensure you’re using as many new things you’ve learnt as possible, and eventually you’ll be able to combine everything you’ve come to know at a moments notice. Then, watch the epic unfold.

Also, this has to be the cleanest photo I’ve ever taken. Only two changes were made. I made the cream coloured background more white. And I made the green on the cactus deeper. That. Is. All. I didn’t remove the bad bits of the cactus. I wanted to show the good the bad and the prickly.

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