Project 365-2018: D33

Music Never Heard - Photo by CMDR Shane
Music Never Heard - Photo by CMDR Shane

This guitar is now almost 7 years old. I bought it because it was the one instrument I really wanted to learn how to play while I was basically coerced into playing piano. Don’t get me wrong. I loved playing piano. But this would have been my instrument of choice had I been given that choice. When I had enough money to buy a nice guitar, I did. And since then, I’ve never picked it up to learn. Potential act of gaining back control via choice? Most likely.

This shot is interesting. The light is from my mobile phone being held by my left hand while my right hand is holding the DSLR, which does not have auto focus. Being is a D3200 there is no built in autofocus motor, so I had to pick a focus, then move in and out to get the focus just right, then move my left hand around to get the best lighting, then shoot. Now it is always advised that use your feet to zoom when using a prime lens and I feel I had no choice in the matter during this shot. Either way, it ended up coming out nicely.

The problem with this shot happened to be the sheet I laid the guitar down on. It was a murky green colour. Along with the blurred reflections on the twist keys, it made for a dull photo. So I remembered something I read a while back, when in doubt, convert to black and white and see what comes of it. And it came out pretty well. With some contrast changes along with some curves adjustment I ended up satisfied.

Another interesting thing I noticed was doing colours changes on a black and white image. You make adjustments to colour that you never would viewing in colour, just to get the blacks blacker and whites whiter to get the most amount of detailed contrast that you can. Then you adjust for as many shades of grey you can account for to tell the whole story.

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