Project 365-2018: D34

Raindrop - Photo by CMDR Shane
Raindrop - Photo by CMDR Shane

This image rocks for me because it was the one random image I took as a throwaway. I took it just to see how it would turn out, and when I previewed it on the DSLR, it didn’t look like much. There was a different story when I got it into Lightroom.

You see I couldn’t see the details on a 3.5in LCD screen. And now that I see how a single click, as it was the only image I took, ended up capturing the perfect raindrop splash onto a glass window while it was raining.

Initially I was about to do another dreaded nature shot. I had captured some pretty decent shots of the plant subject. But this image just came out so well and in only a single frame, I was happy to make it my shot of the day.

After some colour and contrast enhancements, you can clearly see the impact of the raindrop along with its splash outwards. The bubbles from previous raindrop impacts are all over the wet glass just reflecting the sunset lit trees in the background.

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