Project 365-2018: D35

Little Ace - Photo by CMDR Shane
Little Ace - Photo by CMDR Shane

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I think there is a plant growing in my front yard that believes itself to be the ace of spades. I couldn’t believe how nearly perfectly symmetrical this leaf was. So I had to shoot it.

I don’t know if it is me, or if there are plenty of people out there, but I tend to turn simple objects and shapes like this into characters. This little thing is very ‘Groot’ reminiscent from Guardians of the Galaxy to me.

This is beauty to me. Regardless of the world it was thrown into, it decided to grow bright and full of life. It knows nothing of the weather it is going to have to endure. It knows nothing of the surrounding predators. It knows nothing of the people who could care less for it and would step on it just to get where they needed to go.

It is just going to have to learn and adapt to survive or die. I guess the happiness of beauty wouldn’t be that, if it weren’t for the impending potential doom this Little Ace has to face right?

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