Project 365-2018: D36

Baseball - Photo by CMDR Shane
Baseball - Photo by CMDR Shane

After having lived in New Zealand for the last 10 years, which was after having lived in the United States for 10 years prior, the one sport I miss out of them all is baseball. First off, I hate watching sports. Of any kind. Except golf when I need my brain to shutdown for a small while.

However, playing sports was the different story all together. And I didn’t enjoy any of them as much as I enjoyed playing baseball. And to be honest it wasn’t just the sport itself. It was the atmosphere that was set by the game itself. It was always nice and sunny. The people would always be cheering. And the game would have moments where it was slow enough to grasp everything that was happening.

Even when there wasn’t anything happening, for example due to the pitcher taking his time to throw, there was a story unfolding. There was the batter getting ready mentally and physically for the one thing all batters want; a home run. The basemen ready for any player who would attempt to steal bases but also waiting to see if the ball was knocked in their direction. The fielders getting slightly bored and at the risk of not knowing where the ball gets hit, taking a nice long view at the blue sky above.

The coach watches with intrigue to see if the practices are doing anything for the players. The other batter on deck getting ready and stretching, waiting to see what his teammate can do. The rest of the players in the dugout as quiet as anything, until the hard knock sound is heard. They erupt with screams of encouragement to make it to home plate.

I miss all of this. I can’t imagine any other sport where you have time to take it all in whilst in the middle of playing the game. I can’t imagine the atmosphere being anything like that with any other sport.

I do believe that for me, I can honestly say that baseball is a unique sport in terms of the way it makes all involved, feel.

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