Project 365-2018: D37

Strings - Photo by CMDR Shane
Strings - Photo by CMDR Shane

I’ve only recently begun this photographic journey. So far so good. I’ve decided also to make this my full time occupation. So far, also good. Then came the fear. The fear of losing my gear, not due to any kind of fault, but people.

The camera that I want, that isn’t the best of the best, is quite expensive. To be a decent photographer there has to be certain things you require a camera to be able to do. You don’t have to have the best in order to be a good photographer. That I am aware of. But you will require gear that is still quite expensive in order to work well as a photographer.

Carrying something like this around worries me. Because it could be snatched. It could cause me to become targeted. And since I’ll only be able to have one of those, if I ever lose it my business goes down until I get a new one. And that will be the end of it if I’m unable to replace the gear.

All of this is killing me. I don’t have the problem of “What if they don’t like my work?”. My answer to that is learn and be better. “What if my work still doesn’t seem professional?”. Learn and do better. I’ve manage to get passed all the other challenges most new photographers seem to face.

Take the plunge? Face the problems as they arise? Nothing is certain anyways? How many good shots am I missing out on because I’m bitching out when the problem I’m worried of isn’t even happening anyways?

I guess this is the part I just say yes, and figure it out later.

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