Project 365-2018: D38

Conditional Lines - Photo by CMDR Shane
Conditional Lines - Photo by CMDR Shane

Today was an interesting day. Completely unplanned. But for once decided that even though I wasn’t going to be shooting anything, I would bring my camera along anyways. I’m glad I did. Because I was able to capture my shot of the day.

I took this image because of the initial thought I had about these boundaries that we’ve put up around the world to say “this is mine and that is yours” and I feel that if they didn’t exist, what the world would be like today?

It is just a line. A line you’re allowed to come close with the condition that you do not cross it. You can stay near it. You can hover right on top of it. But you cannot cross. This wire based boundary which wouldn’t do much to keep a person out, keeps people out!

The Lightroom processing for this shot was interesting. I’m still having trouble with scenic shots coming out extremely white washed. There is always haze everywhere and I still can’t seem to get it to clear up. Moar practice I say!

So one of the things I’m going to be doing more of is ensuring that I shoot as many wide open views and fields and scenic views as I can to find that bit of knowledge to make sure those shots come out great as many times as I can get it.

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