Project 365-2018: D39

Busy Bee - Photo by CMDR Shane
Busy Bee - Photo by CMDR Shane

Busy bee. I’m hovering over this thing and it isn’t even phased. It doesn’t even care. It knows it only has one job and it is doing it like no one else’s business. Aren’t you jealous? Do you know what I did after seeing this kind of inspiration from nature? I went and got some food.

We should all aspire to be more like this. Find something worth doing that is important and or fulfilling. And then just do it until it is done. Let nothing distract us. Let nothing scare us. Let nothing be in the way.

I will say this. Dear god this thing can move from food source to food source. Bloody efficient I say. I know, because I only have a manual only focus 50mm on a crop frame which means it is acting more like a 75mm. It took me 40-50 frames to get this one. I had a few other runner ups, but this one stood out.

It stood out because no matter how upside down this thing got, it just kept going like gravity didn’t matter. Nothing mattered.

Do something awesome and let nothing else matter. Except maybe sustenance. We can always make time for sustenance.

Also, a full size download is available over at Unsplash! Please do leave a comment if you are thinking of using it and let me know what you’re using it for! I’m curious to know!

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