Project 365-2018: D42

Top Down - Photo by CMDR Shane
Top Down - Photo by CMDR Shane

I’ve always been drawn to dark and moody photography. The light always seem to attract towards where ever the creator wanted the viewer to be looking. This type of photography was another style I needed to become better with.

So I began experimenting with lighting in Lightroom and trying to setup the image in different ways in order to get the clear and properly lit images I was looking for. This attempt came out quite nice and I’m happy with it.

But if I want to be able to do this to almost any kind of image where I chose an object or subject in the image and darken the surroundings I’m going to need to get better and controlling lighting. I’m also going to need to work on realism and how they interact with other objects in the image in order for it not to look absolutely out of place.

I think I know how I’m going to be shooting for the rest of the week.

Another thing I’m going to be attempting to improve on permanently this week is my scheduling. I seem to be running out of time on the things I want to be doing as more and more begins to happen in my life. One of the things I know I said about this project was the each image had to be taken on its actual day, but I also remember saying that they were to be uploaded by 8PM each day.

I’m going to try and get back on track with that. I have been shooting each image on their days, but sometimes, like today, I had to upload 3 at once to catch up.

Consistency is good.

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