Project 365-2018: D43

Books - Photo by CMDR Shane
Books - Photo by CMDR Shane

I ran out of time. Again.

Shit day plus humidity plus wanting to do nothing but go to sleep and not being able to because the humidity and heat won’t let you equals shitty images of a book shelf soon to cease to exist.

I’m getting rid of my books in accordance with my wanting to live a more nomadic life. So I’m getting rid of things I don’t need. Since all things are going digital, there is no need to own hard copies anymore.

These are but a small collection of the books that gave me a new universe to live in for a while when the current one seemed not worth living. These stories inspired me to think beyond what I know and to actually wonder what life can be like off-world.

There is nothing more beautiful then a world ready to be discovered.


  1. The image you captured couldn’t be more perfect. I am sorry you are having a bad day. Please don’t be hasty in your decision to rid yourself of your possessions. If they’ve brought you joy in the past, then maybe just looking at them every now and then can bring back those memories and put a smile on your face. I moved countries and the most important material possessions I brought with me were my books and notebooks, everything else I could do without. I hope that you get some rest soon. Perhaps a cool shower and a refreshing beverage might help cope with the humidity. I hope you find a reason to smile today.

    • Well it is raining now and getting cooler, so that is a plus. For now. Until the sun comes back out and evaporates everything.

      As for ridding myself of material possessions, that isn’t a hasty decision. That has been lingering for the last 6 months and I still have yet to do it. I find materialistic possessions hold me back. The best things to keep are memories and since you can keep those digitally, all good. The books will always be special because of the story they told. Not because it was paper and tangible. I know a lot of people feel differently and that is also awesome!

      As for the humidity, something I’ll just have to work through.

      Having said all that, HOLY MOLY I cannot wait for winter!

      Thank you for commenting and caring (about my stuff and thinking I was hasty in ridding of it). That alone made me feel a tad better.

      • Always happy to be helpful, even if it is just a little. It seems you have made the right choice for you and that is all that matters and who knows, those books might bring happiness to somebody else, so spreading those smiles is always a plus.

        Over here we are hoping for winter to pass and there you are welcoming it. 🙂

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