Project 365-2018: D48

Life - Photo by CMDR Shane
Life - Photo by CMDR Shane

This image sums up life.

Time is linear and therefore moves in one direction and since majority of the world reads timelines the same, we read this image from left to right.

The image is darker, representing how much we don’t know and are not aware as children of the world, and yet there are still bumps that can be seen which are the bumps in life we stumble onto.

There is a shade of light running through the dark side, which represents the moment we begin to become aware of the world, and just how unforgiving it can get, and yet at the same time how beautiful it can be. Bumps and all.

The corner of the wall represents the turning point in our lives from whence we took control of it. Decided what were going to make of it. And what it should mean for us before we leave this place.

Light shines brighter, life seems better, and no matter how many bad times we come across represented by the shadows of the bumps left in the light, generally, things become better. Time really does make things better.

The lightest portion of this image is when we have achieved whatever we were supposed to, and done all the things we wanted to.

Death is not represented here. Because death is unknown. How can we represent what is not known? We know the consequences of, yet we know not what happens after.

Death could be anything to the right of this image, and therefore we will just have to find out what that is when the time comes.

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