Project 365-2018: D51

Hovering Director - Photo by CMDR Shane
Hovering Director - Photo by CMDR Shane

Ah, the hovering art director. I got given this from Adobe for answering a tweet.

I don’t know if I could ever work for anyone that was like this. My personal way of doing things, is that you need something done from me, brief me then leave me the hell alone to work. If I get stuck I will ask. If I need more information I will seek it out.

But someone hovering over my shoulder just turns my mind off. Completely. I can’t do anything, even speak at that point. I become intensely hesitant and it just doesn’t work for me.

The only exception is to a team or group project. I don’t mind it too much at that point, such as if I am actively asking for advice, or looking for approval for changes. But whilst I’m in the core of working on something that basically does not require another input until it is finished and we are in the assessment stage? Go the hell away.

Look at this guy in the image. He’s just looking for a way to annoy you. Just waiting for the opportunity to make you sigh heavily and rethink your life. (And yes you don’t want to sell deathsticks anymore either.)

This is one of the very few times a low light shot has come out nicely. Aperture was at f/2.5 I think, and ISO was 6400. For such a low light and high ISO shot, I was quite happy with the grain amount. Normally the image is completely washed out with that and I delete the image.

Slowly, but surely, getting better. Hovering Art Director not included.

…did you catch my Star Wars Episode 1 reference?

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