Project 365-2018: D53

Xbox Controller - Photo by CMDR Shane
Xbox Controller - Photo by CMDR Shane

Do you understand how many times the subject in this image has saved me from all sorts of insane madness? The fact that this inanimate object that has to the ability to animate and emulate worlds that don’t exist, has saved my soul?

Most people have something that they do to relieve them of their stress. It saves them from doing something stupid. Golf. Exercise. Writing. Painting. Music. Punching bags. For me? It is the immersive worlds I can throw myself into just so as to not live my life temporarily for a moment. To pretend to be someone else. To be something else.

This has stopped me from doing countless stupid things in my life. Currently, the one thing I love to do after a long day is play Battlefield 1 on the Xbox. I throw myself into the carnage of CGI warfare just to play chess with bullets and flags only to be able to turn it off and feel better due to having released my tension in an electronic world, rather then the physical one.

Yes yes. War is horrible. Combat is horrible. People bleeding out to death due to being bombed to shit is horrible. I get it. I never said all that stuff was great. I only spoke of how an electronic world saved me from ruining my physical one. So don’t even start with that shit.

I recently was doing some thinking about those morons who always say that video games ruins lives and how some people can’t tell the real world from the imaginary ones. And it made me think about how those people already had a problem with being able to tell the difference between the two, and that those type of people were always going to have that problem regardless of having played the video game Grand Theft Auto.

I grew up on those games. I was 13 when I first got addicted to those kind of games. I was also 13 when Halo was released and that game was literally subtitled “COMBAT EVOLVED”. I didn’t grow up to kill people. I didn’t grow up to shoot anything that got in my way. I didn’t mistake the real world for one that didn’t exist. And I have one of the most addictive personalities that I know!

This leads me to believe that those kids that end up on the news involved in a police chase trying to emulate Grand Theft Auto in real life, were always going to end up doing something along the lines of. And that it was easy to see, even at that age, the fact that the things you could do in games, couldn’t be done in real life, because you almost never saw it happening. Ever. There was even a commercial I remember seeing where they attempted to shoot a real life scene of how the world would be if it were to be like Grand Theft Auto and it was hilarious, because it looked so far fetched from what the real world was like.

This was supposed to be a small update on my 53rd day of uploading a shot of the day. But I got a little carried away.

It was because of video games that I learned to be creative. That I learned to be open minded about what could be. That I learned about how beautiful of a universe could exist inside a another persons mind alone, much more the one we currently have yet to explore.

I owe my ability to think outside the box to a video game, and I don’t regret that a single damn bit.

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