Project 365-2018: D54

Beretta - Photo by CMDR Shane
Beretta - Photo by CMDR Shane

I love guns. I hate guns. Guns are supposed to be tools for certain situations. People can be tools in all situations. Mostly when guns are involved.

When we use guns we are using physics, to propel a piece of metal, at velocities we can’t even process, to hit another object or person, whether moving or stationary, in order to change its course so as to render an outcome that we would like, or for that matter not render an outcome that we don’t like.

I love the physics of guns. The way they sound. How a human being can get used to something they fully can’t comprehend because our brains are not fast enough, yet become so proficient with it, that we can get to a point where we never miss. Some look amazing, and some have functionality that make them even more impressive. Some are big and others are tiny.

Do you know what I hate? When bullets enter and exit a human being due to greed. That is basically the cause of all gun violence. It’s not hatred. It’s not jealousy. The base component to unnecessary life non-existence via speeding metal is greed. You want something bad enough, you are willing to kill to take it. Whether it’s money, reputation, or the ability for someone else to have someone you love. It does not matter. The base component is greed.

Guns will always be necessary as long as humanity is involved in all things. Until greed is solved, guns will always be necessary. Because those willing to use them to take what they want just because they believe they can, will always need others who are also willing to use guns to defend against them. Please, try using the pen against the sword in this day and age. It ain’t gon’ do you much good.

The pen is mightier then greed to change hearts and minds. The gun used well is mightier then the gun used for the sake of using them. Hence specialised units are always sent in to clean up morons and they almost always succeed.

This post is pointless just like my state of mind. I’m talking about the love of a weapon that has recently been featured on the news for ending lives unnecessarily. And I’m torn between my love and hate for them. Loving guns is like loving race cars. There isn’t a point to any of it, just the fact that humanity gets a rush out of participating in each of them, and so we continue whilst we attempt to figure out who the best of us is.

Guns do nothing but kill. So they are pointless. The world is running out of oil to continue producing gas but we keep doing unnecessary things like racing. Pointless.

Where is the consideration for the future amongst any of these?


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