Project 365-2018: D55

Cupcakes - Photo by CMDR Shane
Cupcakes - Photo by CMDR Shane

Saturday 24th of February was one of my first proper photoshoots for a client that wasn’t the band I love shooting so much.

The images are still being edited but they mostly came out amazing thanks to awesome weather. This is a peak at one of the shots I did. These cupcakes looked amazing. So much natural brightness in the frosting, how could I not get a shot of it?

This shoot was definitely challenging though. So much lighting changes from sunlit areas to shaded areas underneath a tent. Man, so many things to keep track of when shooting, especially when you don’t control the scene at all. If you face a certain direction, you just have to remember the settings that you scouted earlier, and hope the people moving around stand still for just long enough whilst they are smiling and your exposure isn’t too dark (or bright) and that you take burst shots so as to ensure you don’t get weird images with people in mid-speech whilst another bystander begins to walk into the shot unknowingly.

Yeah. That was a long sentence. That is how it pretty much went in my head while I was shooting this gig. I guess because I’m not used to it yet, it did get exhausting keeping track of that many things on the go.

Overall, good times.

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