Project 365-2018: D56

Hibiscus Burst - Photo by CMDR Shane
Hibiscus Burst - Photo by CMDR Shane

Sunday 25th of February was the biggest shoot I’ve done for a client. I know the total might not seem much to another pro photographer, but I took over 1200+ shots for this gig. And the weather once again was beautiful! Bright blue skies and sun all around. Although it did get interesting with the sun reaching the highpoint during lunch. But there was just enough shade with us being surrounded by trees to make it awesome.

I think with the weekend of shooting, I got better as a photographer just within those two days. I always paid attention to my light meter and how my photos were coming out as I moved around. What made this shoot interesting was 2 things I discovered.

One, the fact that all around the neighbourhood were parked cars that had massive glare from the sun coming right back at the camera. So it made for some interesting shots after I accounted for that, with massive contrast all around. I got some sharp images as well as some deep colours.

I also discovered that on the Nikon D3200, compensating the shutter speed to allow the light meter reading to be underexposed by 2 points also allowed for some deeper coloured and sharp shots. The images weren’t washed out with white, and neither were they dark and horrible looking like they were taken during the evening. They came out about as perfectly as I could get it without editing. Which in turn will make the post-processing much easier.

I was spent after this shoot. Mental exhaustion from keeping track of all movements, moments, people, glare, lighting of the sun vs lighting under shade vs lighting under a tent vs lighting under a tent in the shade.

I took a break from shooting people and decided to go for a small walk around the garden and man there were some beautiful flowers just chillin’ in the shade. I just had to capture them.

This was one of them and made for a perfect photo of the day.

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