Project 365-2018: D58

Communications Tool - Photo by CMDR Shane
Communications Tool - Photo by CMDR Shane

It has always amazed me how humanity has evolved. And yes, we definitely have. Sort of. Do you realise how much more information we are processing on a daily basis in comparison to how much previous generations used to? They always ask for the good ole’ days for a reason. Because they aren’t used to the things we are used to. They aren’t used to taking in this kind of information not to mention the sheer amount of it at the same time.

This image is of a tool most people have used today. They have used it to either relay information or find it to use themselves. This is a tool used to access the worlds information and it doesn’t take a genius to use it, as most of the time we are told which keys need to be pressed in order to do what we need to do.

I know most of you will compare this version of a communications tool, to the mobile phone, and yes that is fair enough. The mobile phone changed everything. But I’m still pretty sure we are able to access and give more information via a keyboard then any other tool as fast as possible. Not everyone can type at speed on a phone, much less a keyboard as well. And while video is faster in terms of relaying information, it takes time to shoot, edit, finalise and upload a video. But guess what? It still requires a keyboard to do that, and it will still require a keyboard to find those videos properly.

Also, my keyboard is dirty as hell. I need to clean it. But typing all this within minutes is also much more fun then cleaning so I will continue. For now.

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