Project 365-2018: D7

Caged Light - Photo by CMDR Shane
Caged Light - Photo by CMDR Shane

Some of you might have seen this coming, but I’m slowly running out of unique shots to take around my home. While this is only day 7, I’ve been shooting for a couple of months and now. I tend to quickly skim over my Lightroom collection in order to ensure I’m not taking pictures of the same thing constantly. While there will be many shots that will be similar, for the purpose of this daily project, I want to expand into as many different areas in photography as possible.

After some thinking I feel this is going to involve some travelling. I guess you can say this is one of the things I’m learning already on day 7, that you can’t look for objects to shoot, just because they might look cool or pretty different but amazing in certain lights. No, you have to begin to tell stories. Shooting for the sake of shooting will get boring after a while.

So I took this shot. Don’t you think this image sums up the human race pretty well? We took something natural like light, synthesised it and then caged it. Even in what could seem a fairly innocent product, our true nature tends to shine through.

Another thing I’ve come to learn is how closely photography is to resembling writing. How you have to know what kind of story you want to tell and who you are going to tell it to. What is your message going to be about, and will it be funny? Important? Or just plain informative? Only difference is the medium used.

Perhaps this image sums up the human race in another way. Perhaps the light inside is the representation of our soul. You see the light and its effects and so we conclude that the soul is present. But why is it not free? What has this life done to us that it uses our light for its own purpose and we fail to break out?

Illuminate your soul with knowledge and awareness until you are uncaged. Then, just be.

Caged Light - Photo by CMDR Shane
Caged Light – Photo by CMDR Shane

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