Project 365-2018: D9

Decorated Nature - Photo by CMDR Shane
Decorated Nature - Photo by CMDR Shane

I’ve been using a website known as Unsplash where photographers upload their shots for free and it is also royalty free for everyone to use. You’ve probably seen a tonne of the images I’ve used here on this blog and every single one of them are from Unsplash save for the ones I’ve taken, and the one movie wallpaper I needed to use for a rather specific post.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to give back and so I began uploading some of my works. The image I took today had the kind of overall atmosphere that I thought would fit in with the current trending images on Unsplash. The overall colour mood I felt would fit right in. I could be wrong, but emotion led me to upload that one to the site. Whether they chose to feature it, entirely up to them.

You can find my profile on Unsplash, here.

What is special about todays image isn’t anything at all. It was the fact that it looked just like any other scene that anyone could have taken a snapshot of, until I got in closer and framed that scene as it has been captured. I didn’t see it then move to it. I only saw it right before pulling the trigger as I was searching. If I hadn’t been looking through the viewfinder to scan, I would have never seen it.

I guess you could say that is another thing I’ve learnt during todays shoot. Scan through the viewfinder and frame many different objects and scenes and see how they look. Looking for a scene before you can see it to take an image of it, doesn’t always work out, and causes you to miss out on quite a bit.

This image holds the story of contrast. We are all collected into the same thing that is bland and full of existence. But what we do with that existence and how we chose to bloom with our own colours, will be the contrasting factor of who and what we are.

Decorated Nature - Photo by CMDR Shane
Decorated Nature – Photo by CMDR Shane

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