Project 365-2018

Front Yard Flower - Photo By CMDR Shane
Front Yard Flower

You move through time and life never knowing what you might see, hear or get to experience. To me this is the beauty of life, that every moment is a surprise including the moment itself, just because that moment exists. At any moment, everything could simply not be.

This to me is also an inspiration. If you quiet yourself and think about all the things that could happen, or might happen, the possibilities are basically endless. There are so many moving variables that we can constantly end up being surprised at all the things that come to pass. Inspirations are important, as they allow us to feel as though we are capable of the things we see others do, and make it our own in some way or another. That we too can be much more then we only believe ourselves to be right now.

I recently discovered a source of inspiration. It is a blog belonging to¬†Kathleen Jennette of Tales From My Lens, known as 365 Days. What is inspiring about this blog is not only the images I’ve seen on it, but also the fact of the discipline required to make sure a photo goes online each day. That some moment was captured to be shared with the world. I want this discipline for myself. I want to share with the world what I see.

There aren’t many rules. In terms of my way of doing things, the images are allowed to be processed through Lightroom, and or manipulated via Photoshop. The only major rule is that each photo chosen for each day for uploading, must have been taken on that day. I’m not allowed to use an image from the past and upload it as an image for that day. It has to be taken on that day, captured as a highlight to be shared.

The journey begins on January 1st 2018.

In the mean time, here are some images I captured today.

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