Project 365-3018: D40

Pretty In Pink - Photo by CMDR Shane
Pretty In Pink - Photo by CMDR Shane

I know this image is late. As the next one will be as well. However the photos were definitely taken on their respective days, February 9th and 10th. I’ve only just gotten the time to edit and upload.

I’m still playing around a lot with depth of field. I love focus based photography more so then large scale landscape shots, however I do enjoy shooting them. I still have yet to become better at landscape photography though.

I’m also playing around a lot with colour grading and seeing how images turn out. Lightroom is a saviour for this kind of work however I’m still getting the hang of what exactly to do rather then the how. How, there are tons of tutorials on. What, takes a bit more time.

I recently read about photography also being a game of patience. Shit.

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